Home for a Social Enterprise

We were introduced to Lambeth Borough Council to assist them and contractor Forcia to re-locate this social enterprise to new premises in the park, from the former Park Keeper’s Lodge to an extended portion of the maintenance depot. These works were required to facilitate the Northern Line tube extension, with Lambeth duty bound to deliver the Lodge site on time for TfL.

The proposed design involved opening up the back wall of the maintenance depot to create a new public and park facing pavilion. The untreated cedar shingle cladding of the pavilion is a clear nod to the shape of a classic bee hive. Our development of the detailed design took every opportunity to accentuate this feature.

Part of our brief from inception was the need to incorporate salvaged windows and doors gifted to the project by Forcia. Our aim was to incorporate these as unobtrusively as possible in to the detailed design. We enjoyed this challenge, along with the timber frame concept design and compressed delivery programme.


Our performance on this project has led to a number of subsequent projects with Lambeth’s parks team.